Commercial Pilots Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

If a career in Aviation appeals to you, then the South Canterbury Aero Club 
can help you achieve this!

We don’t just train our pilots to pass a flight test; we will train you for employability. 

The South Canterbury Aero Club runs a small charter operation South Canterbury Air.

Although a small operation, South Canterbury Air provides a chance for commercial students trained through South Canterbury Aero Club, the opportunity to gain commercial experience after a successful CPL flight test and operational competency assessment.

There are many paths a Commercial Pilot can take, from Scenic Flights and Charters, to Freight and Agricultural work, or even become a Flight Instructor.

Entry Requirements


  •          Hold a Private Pilots Licence

  •          Hold a Class 1 aviation medical certificate

Licence Issue Requirements

  •          Be at least 18 years of age

  •          Achieve a pass in an additional six aviation theory examinations

  •          Gain 200 hours minimum flight time

  •          Pass a practical flight test 

Theory Subjects:

  •          Human Factors

  •          Aviation Air Law (Commercial)

  •          Meteorology

  •          Navigation and Flight Planning

  •          Aircraft Technical Knowledge

  •          Principles of Flight and Performance

Flying Experience:

Your training will include:

  •          Advanced Mountain Flying

  •          Advanced Cross Country Navigation Techniques

  •          Advanced Handling 

  •          Passenger handling

  •          Emergency training

  •          Spin Recovery Training (optional)

  •          An introduction to strip flying is also included in your CPL Dual Cross countries.