Instructors Rating

C-Category Instructors Rating

In addition to your Commercial Pilots Licence, you can become a Flight Instructor.
As an Instructor you will be training students towards Recreational, Private and Commercial Licences, teaching and sharing your love of flying and delivering ground theory.

This is a great way to improve your flying skills and knowledge while guiding your students towards their own goals and achievements.

As you gain teaching experience, opportunities for more advanced instructing in specialised areas will become available to you like Cross Country, CPL Manoeuvres, Aerobatics, Spinning, Tailwheel, Mountain, Terrain and Weather.

Entry Requirements:

  •          Be at least 18 years of age

  •          Hold a Comercial Pilots License 

  •          Hold a Class 1 aviation medical certificate

Licence Issue Requirements:

  •          200 hours minimum total flight time

  •          150 Hours pilot in command time

  •          1 Hour of Dual spin recovery training

  •          15 Hours Instrument flying

  •          25 hours of Dual Right seat Instructors training

  •          40 Hours Cross country pilot in command

  •          300 Nautical Mile cross country pilot in command

  •          Satisfactory completion of a approved Instructional Techniques Course

  •          Pass a practical flight test

Ground Theory:

  •          Principles of flight (aerodynamics)

  •          PPL Preflight briefings

  •          Law and practical application to instruction

  •          Meteorology and practical application to instruction         


Your training will include:

  •          Minumim of 25 hours Dual Right Seat Instructors training

  •          1 Hour of spin recovery training

  •          All ground theory required to be a competent, well rounded instructor

  •          Delivery of the required ground briefings




We also offer the chance of instructional supervision to our instructor graduates.
This is assessed on an individual basis and takes into account:


  •         An individual’s personality traits

  •         Commitment to safety & delivering quality ground and flight instruction

  •         Ability to follow instructions

  •         Suitability to represent SCAC to our students and the public


​We do not train to pass a flight test, we aim to train & produce exceptional instructors, we do not condone the use of instructing just to gain logbook hours as we believe the instructional quality to the students suffers.