Private Pilot

South Canterbury Aero Club, with its team of highly qualified and experienced Flight Instructors, will help you to learn the skills and experience while developing the confidence to fly anywhere in New Zealand you desire.

Entry Requirements

There are no prior qualifications required to start pilot training, however secondary school level subject passes in English, Maths and Physics will help aid your learning process.

You can commence flight training at any age however to fly solo you must:

  • Be of at least 16 years of age

  • Hold at least a Class 2 medical certificate

PPL Licence Issue Requirements:

  • Be of at least 17 years of age

  • Achieve a pass in six aviation theory examinations

  • At least 50hrs minimum practical flying time

  • Pass a practical flight test

Theory Subjects:  We also offer ground theory classes to assist in theory study

  • Flight Radio Telephony (FRTO Rating)

  • Human Factors

  • Aviation Air Law

  • Meteorology

  • Navigation and Flight Planning

  • Aircraft Technical Knowledge

Flying Experience: Your training will include:

  • at least 50 hours total flying experience

  • 20 hours of solo flying

  • an introduction to Basic Mountain Flying

  • progress from basic to more advanced flying skills

  • cross country navigation experience around Southern New Zealand