Tailwheel Training

Tailwheel, taildragger, conventional whatever you want to call it,
The essence of flying fun starts here! A challenging and rewarding skill that develops you like no other flying can!

At South Canterbury Aero Club we don’t just issue a Cub rating
we teach a full Tailwheel course including theory, ground handling, 2 point (wheelers), 3 point landing, crosswind landing, and ground loop avoidance.


Entry Requirements:

No minimum requirements apply to our Tailwheel training, from student pilot to commercial, learning Tailwheel will refine anyone’s stick and rudder skill.


To solo our PA-18 Super Cub you must:

  •          Hold at least an RPL

  •          Hold a previous GA Tailwheel type rating

  •          OR undergo 10hours of Tailwheel training

SCAC Tailwheel course:

Ground Component:

  •          Tailwheel behaviour

  •          Gyroscopic’s and torque reaction

  •          Crosswind Handling

  •          PA18 type specifics

  •          PA18 pre-flight 

Flight Component:                         10hours of Dual instruction made up of:

  •          Ground Handling

  •          Basic Handling

  •          Low flying and Slow flight 

  •          3 point landings

  •          2 point landings (wheeler)

  •          1 wheelers (crosswind)

  •          Bounce recovery

  •          Ground loop avoidance

  •          Solo Consolodation followed by SCAC logbook endorsement


Further Training:

On successful completion of the course it maybe possible to experience high power
Tailwheel instruction in a C180 or C185 if the student desires. 



Skydiving Kiwis Employability Training: 

South Canterbury Aero Club works closely with Skydiving Kiwis based in Ashburton,
who operate a Cessna 180 and 185 on 115 commercial skydiving operations.

South Canterbury Aero Club are recognised as their preferred flight and Tailwheel training organisation. A SCAC Tailwheel trained pilot will be given preference over other job applicants should they meet the following requirements. 


  •          Ideally of 50hours Tailwheel.

  •          200+ horse power experience. 

  •          CSU experience

  •          Ideally logged 180 or 185 dual instruction


Having completed employability training through SCAC does not guarantee a job with Skydiving Kiwis, although it will significantly increase your chances and hold you above other applicants when drop pilot positions arise.

Through partnership with Skydiving Kwis tailwheel students will soon be able to also complete a paracute drop rating aswell.