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Timaru Airport Aerodrome:

Our home airport Richard Pearse Airport Timaru is located halfway between Timaru and Temuka 3miles inland of the coast.
The field is extremely flat, has one sealed runway and two well-maintained grass runways. We're established within a Mandatory Broadcast Zone and pilots are required to be on the frequency and calling at the appropriate intervals as per the MBZ rules, please keep your radio calls short and concise.

All our circuits are left and visiting pilots are asked to adhere strictly to published AIP circuit procedures, give way to existing circuit traffic, join overhead when possible or an existing circuit leg. Right downwind, bases and turnouts are prohibited by CAA rules. 
Visiting pilots are reminded a large amount of local and cross country training happens in and around NZTU, please allow students time and space as you would have liked when you were training.

Air New Zealand operate scheduled Q300 services into NZTU. For the latest AirNZ time table for Timaru airport visit

Canterbury Aero Club and the International Aviation Academy operate IFR training flights regularly into NZTU, and will make RNAV approaches from the North and South overshooting on 02 and 20 seal. 

The South Canterbury Aero Club clubrooms are available to visiting pilots providing Tea, Coffee, Parking, Wifi and bathroom facilities. Outside of hours contact our CFI on 021 0221 4053 for code access.

For the latest aerodrome plate please visit: 

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