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Alpha 160a

South Canterbury Aero Club operates two Alpha 160a's.
A kiwi built derivative of the proven French Robin R2160.
Alphas provide amazing unimpeded visibility for pilots with their large bubble canopy, are fitted with Dual stick controls and dual throttles for the instructor and student.


The Alphas are powered with 160 horsepower Lycomings, giving the Alphas impressive performance. They are also fully aerobatic and spinnable allowing us to train pilots to fully handle flying in all aspects.

$180 Solo - $235 Dual per hour

*Hire rates are plus fuel at the current rate 35litres per hour


Cessna C172

SCAC also operate two Cessna 172N models. ERW is owned by the aero club and we lease JAF from a club member. The 172N is a comfortable touring machine, well equipped with leather interior, 4 place intercom, dual radios and Garmin GPS. Both 172's are 160 horsepower and are quite capable of most aerodromes and strips.

The Cessna 172 is used for general training, touring, and general hire by club members.

$180 Solo - $235 Dual per hour

*Hire rates are plus fuel at the current rate 35litres per hour

Piper Super Cub

Our legendary cub, BNM is equipped with a 160HP engine giving amazing performance, and is available for initial tailwheel type ratings with our experienced tailwheel instructors. BNM is equipped with a tow hook and also used for Glider and Banner towing.

$336 Solo - $381 Dual per hour
*Includes fuel

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