Young Eagles is a youth flying movement started in the United States and has been adopted around the world over as a safe, fun, secure way of introducing our budding young aviators to the magic of flying!

Young Eagles is run through FlyingNZ also known as the Royal New Zealand Aero Club. Young Eagles is open to any young person with an interest in aviation as a hobby or a potential introduction to an amazing and diverse career.

Each Aero Club run their Young Eagle Programs slightly differently, but the safety and core values remain the same.

What do Young Eagles do?

Meet once a month for a group day
consisting of any of the following and more.


  •  Fly and Learn about aeroplanes.

  •  Access to flying scholarships.

  •  Club day trips away in aeroplanes.

  •  Visit interesting places.

  •  Gain NCEA credits through aviation theory

The requirements to be a SCAC Young Eagle are:


  • 14Years or older.

  • Have a genuine interest in aviation.

  • Be of polite nature and willing to help if asked
    as some of the club members and pilots that
    will be taking you flying will be donating their
    time and
     aeroplanes to help you!

What aircraft will we fly?

SCAC operate 2 Tomahawk PA38 trainers and a Piper PA28 Archer.
The Members also own lots of other different aircraft that the Young Eagles may get to
fly in, all aircraft are certified and maintained by licensed aircraft engineers.

What will my first flight be like?

Your pilot will either be an instructor or maybe one of the club pilots, that are signed
off by the clubs Chief Pilot to fly with the Young Eagles,
The Pilot will show you around the plane and give you a briefing on what the
controls do and what the flight will be like.

The Pilot may get you to help them refuel the aircraft and do a safety check before
the start of the flight. The flight maybe 20 to 30 minutes,
make sure you bring your camera or phone and take lots of pictures!

What will it cost?

Very little!
Young Eagles is all about giving opportunity; SCAC Young Eagles will cost around $20 a month.

This goes towards BBQ’s for the Young Eagles, and reimbursing pilots for fuel when they donate the time and aircraft to flying the Young Eagles

If the Young Eagle wants to take additional flight lessons these are not covered by the Young Eagles program but the club has many ways and is willing to assist the Young Eagles help fundraise to fund their own additional flying lessons.