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Practice Exams

At South Canterbury Aero Club we're not just here to get you flying,
we want to provide our students with all the tools possible to help them succeed the first time. Our instructing team has developed online practice exams to help you test your knowledge and identify your syllabus knowledge deficiencies before sitting your actual theory exams.


Our exams and designed to test your knowledge and mimic the actual Aspeq exams themselves in the number of questions and time given.

Our question bank is continuously growing, updated, and added to,
we do appreciate your feedback on our exams, if you find deficiencies or errors please do let us know so we can correct them.

Keep checking back as we will continuously add new exams and questions,
PPL Navigation and CPL exams are coming soon!
We are also working on adding the syllabus reference to each question.


  • Read your theory books and work through your syllabus before taking these practice exams. We recommend Waypoints for study material.

  • These exams are not a replacement for the study of the texts.

  • Find yourself a quiet place and allow yourself 15minutes on top of your exam time to review your questions.

  • You may get some questions that require reference to a
    Chart or Volume 4.

    your selected exam will tell you what you need before you start.

  • Every time you load the Exam it will regenerate a new set of questions.
    However, there is a limited number of questions per exam and they will start to repeat after a few attempts.

  • It's a good idea after your exam to review your questions and write down the ones you got wrong or are not sure of, this way you can look them up or ask your instructor for help.



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