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SCAC Low Fly Zones:

South Canterbury Aero Club administrates two Low Fly Zones (LFZ) L969 located south-west of Pleasant Point and L968 located East of the aerodrome on the coast. SCAC operate these Low Fly Zones
in accordance with 91.131 and AIP ENR 5.3.


Entry into either low fly zone is to be authorised and briefed by an instructor from SCAC.


  • Day Only

  • Avoid Flight over stock, dairy and stock yards

  • All flights into the low fly zones must be dual for instructional purposes only.

  • The instructor must hold a part 61 instructors rating.

  • CPL students maybe authorised into the LFZ solo by the
    SCAC CFI after a check flight.

  • Before entry an over fly must be completed.

  • All lights must be turned on.

  • Only L969 is able to facilitate two aircraft at one time.
    Radio and visual separation must be maintained and agreed by both the PIC's.


L969 "Point Low Fly Zone" 
levation: 350 - 400 AMSL
Hazards: Sloping terrain, model airfield on the northern boundary.
Pylons on the western boundary.


L968 "Coastal Low Fly Zone" 
Elevation: 0 - 30" AMSL
Hazards: High density of stock and housing, strong sea breezes,
sea birds, western boundary hard to identify, waterlogged paddocks.

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