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Student Testimonials


Joseph Perkins

I recently trained through South Canterbury Aero Club for my PPL and Cherokee rating. All I can say about it is that I was so happy with the results by the end of it, Aaron and his team had given me the training and expertise to become a confident aviator and finally begin learning on my own. The aircraft are top notch, their fleet of 2 Tomahawks, a Cessna 150, a Piper Cherokee Archer, Cub are kept to a very high standard. The instructors are always friendly and very keen to help you get on the path to whatever you want to do in aviation. Whether that be a pilot recreationally or a commercial pilot aspiring to a career in the airlines, flying bush planes, skydive planes, surveying, instruction, the works. There is little they can’t do but if they can’t do it themselves they know the very best options for you. At South Canterbury Aero Club the club atmosphere is always very welcoming. There is an abundance of members who are always flying, socialising, and often offering to take people up in their private aircraft.  All in all should you choose to fly at South Canterbury Aero Club I can guarantee you will enjoy your time there and come out a pilot ready to take on the many challenges New Zealand has to throw at you!

Peter Boyce

Right from my first days at the Aero club I was made to feel welcomed and reassured, any concerns were answered quickly and thoroughly.

I completed my PPL and cross-country training at South Canterbury Aero Club and it was a great experience. I particularly liked the terrain awareness and mountain flying. We are lucky to be situated near some awesome spots for this and Aaron teaches it well.

The instructors are experienced, knowledgeable and professional but still able to have a laugh. Training at South Canterbury Aero Club is structured, thorough and fun, I would highly recommend it as a great place to train and fly." 


Meghan Bolton

The South Canterbury Aeroclub is an amazing place to learn to fly no matter what your goal is. I’m currently working towards my PPL and am getting close to fine tuning my skills for flight test. I have had the wonderful opportunity of flying the Tomahawks to train in and the Archer to show my family around, can’t wait to try the rest of the fleet!

While learning to fly here you can’t help but meet a great range of people that love to be around planes just as much as you do.

Aaron and the team are great instructors, with a high standard for great airmanship and well-practised skills.

Leysa Coombridge

Flying has [re-]taught me how to listen, learn and grow. Each session has been rewarding yet challenging demanding both humility and respect for the environment and fellow aviators. It’s been an awesome opportunity for my husband and I to experience together. We’re incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing aerial playground with such fun and passionate instructors at the South Canterbury Aero Club.


Ian Coombridge

Flying has been a chance to challenge myself from the beginning first flight nerves right through to the aviation theory. It has been one of the best journeys and my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. 

Jane Ji

I think I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn to fly at South Canterbury Aero Club with great instructors. The instructors are always friendly, humorous and help me learn to fly more easily.

I started through the 10 week aviation course the club runs with my school and I really enjoyed it. I am now training for my PPL and I am well into my advanced training. I am looking forward to making other wonderful experiences at South Canterbury Aero Club.

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