Our Instructing Team

Aaron Pearce

Chief Flight Instructor & Club Manager

Aaron has been SCAC's Chief Flying Instructor and Manager since Jan 2016, originally from Invercargill where he completed his commercial pilots license and instructors rating.


Aaron’s a career instructor, and currently sits as a member of the Flying New Zealand Instructors Council. He enjoys nothing more than seeing students progress and develop as safe, capable, competent pilots.

In 2019 Aaron was awarded the Grand Masters medal from The Honorable Company of Air Pilots incorporating Air Navigators formerly known as the Guild of Air Pilots, for outstanding achievement in aviation.

He claims the earliest memory he has of holding onto the controls of an aircraft was when he was about seven, when his uncle introduced him to the wonder of flight in a Piper Tomahawk. He now continues to blame his uncle for his flying addiction on a regular basis.

Aaron has many hours of experience having accumulated over 2000 hours of purely flight instruction, in mostly general aviation aircraft including most common training aircraft found in New Zeland along with other aircraft like the Nanchang Cj6 warbird, Pipistrel Motor Gliders, microlights, Lightsports, Midget Mustangs, and Piper Cubs.

He is qualified to instruct aerobatics, mountain flying, terrain and weather awareness, night flying, spin avoidance and recovery and tailwheel. This means he can take you from 0 hours to a commercial license with an instructors rating and beyond.

Aaron is also a microlight flight examiner for Flying New Zealand.

“I’m as happy in the cockpit as I am in the briefing room, I just can’t get enough, sharing the magic of aviation, the experience and reward it gives to all pilots and students”

Migael Burger

Flight Instructor - C Category

Migael joined the SCAC team as a C-Category instructor April 2019.  He had done most of his flight training in Dunedin,
completing his C-Cat in March 2019.


He has had a passion for aviation for as long as he could remember. His parents reckon it was started by a ceiling fan when he was a baby. From then on, he had a thing about propellers, which lasts to this day.  He spent many hours on computer flight simulators and his frequent visits to the local airports kept the passion and dream alive. Migael did a bit of gliding in the Air Cadets and then, for his 15th birthday, he went for his first trial flight and the dream became a reality.


Through an aeroclub he achieved his Private Pilot’s Licence at 18, by working three jobs to fund it. His advice to young pilots is to get involved with the Young Eagles, where he was awarded a scholarship that paid towards his flying.



Migael enjoys the sharing the experience and wonder of flying with others. With more than 700 flight hours, passing on knowledge and the passion of flying with students is his passion. “I love seeing other people’s dreams become reality,” he says. “I understand the sacrifice and determination it takes to become a pilot and like to encourage people not to let go of their dreams, but to pursue it until they attain success.”


He wants to get type ratings on as many aircraft possible, gain his B-Cat instructor’s rating, complete his MEIR, fly as much as possible, helping others to live out their dreams.

Cameron Garner

Flight Instructor - C Category

Cameron has been available ‘on-call’ as an instructor at SCAC since February 2020. He is originally from Christchurch and earned his commercial pilot license and instructor rating at the International Aviation Academy (Canterbury Aero Club) in 2006.


Cameron worked at small flight schools in Palmerston North and Tauranga and a big flight school in Hamilton between 2007 and 2010 before the Global Financial Crisis put and end to his full-time flying career. He subsequently qualified as an Air Traffic Controller, working the towers at Palmerston North, Hamilton, and Rotorua.


In 2019 Cameron won the General Aviation Design Competition hosted by the Royal Aeronautical Society with the fastest simulated design for an electric racing aircraft suitable for the Air Race E series. He recorded a presentation on his design that was shown to the Royal Aeronautical Society’s conference in London in November of that year where the winner was announced (he was unable to attend in person).


Presently Cameron works primarily in his own business developing flight dynamics for flight simulator aircraft, which are used in downloadable add-ons for the X-plane simulator as well as in professional flight simulators capable of official certification for pilot training.

He is also a part-time a flight instructor with SCAC and is a contractor assisting with flight test of the Cora E-VTOL in Tekapo.


Cameron is passionate about aerospace and enjoys instructing students seeking to fly for any reason from weekend fun to serious professional careers flying the big iron. He has taught in environments ranging from clubs to big flight schools training direct-entry airline pilots. He is also building his own aircraft from scratch in his ‘spare time’.


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